In Which Zebra Heels Are Presented

zebra heels 004


Only belatedly did I notice the little red wagon in the background.  Once a mom, always a mom, I suppose.  😛

I’ll be disappearing for four days without a computer or a cell phone.  We’re flying our son to a specialist, so hooray about that.  I’ll try to notebook and pen it on the sly, but I’m not expecting miracles.  I am reading Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg. I’ve heard great things about it, and my aunt gave me her old copy.  I’m taking a break from fiction at the moment because my time has been diced into fits and starts, and my concentration is suffering.  I’m enjoying myself, however.  My favorite prompt book of all time is The 3 AM Epiphany by Brian Kiteley.  I find it unique and quite lovely for the most part.

Yesterday’s “Testing Our Friendship” moment: I called Captain Kirk “Captain Kurt”.  How would I know?  I don’t watch Star Trek!  Fortunately for me, my friends each decided to be the bigger man and let me live.  How very noble.

Catch you all later!


UPDATE:  A lot of people have been wondering where I bought these heels.  I picked them up at Shiekh Shoes.

8 Comments on “In Which Zebra Heels Are Presented”

  1. Oh my… what an unforgivable mistake! 😉 Good luck today and the next three and we’ll talk when you get back!

  2. I love, love, love the little red wagon in the background. The juxtaposition! It’s so fabulously ironic. 🙂

    GOOD LUCK with the testing! You’re in our hearts!

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