Shhh, I’m “Working”

Three years ago I was bored and dissatisfied with my boring and dissatisfying life, so I took an online writing class from the local college. This, too, was boring and dissatisfying, mainly because the teacher wanted to keep everything rated G (“no violence or language of any kind”) and when she wasn’t telling us to write about wide-eyed kittens romping with balls of yarn, she was pimping out her own books. “Today we’re going to do a happy, fuzzy character sketch. Do you know what will help you with this? My book, How to Sketch Your Own Fuzzy Character, forsalenowinyouruniversitybookstore.”

So the class was a bust, but I picked up one fabulous idea from it.  She said that every author needs to take time at least once a week to do something creative that isn’t writing.  I think it gets the gears going, but pushes your mind in a different direction.  Also, it lets me do fun things under the pretense of “working”.  So I make jewelery or work on my (nearly nonexistent) sewing skills.  I painted the piano red last year, and now she’s more fun to play. 

Today I made a voodoo doll, cut out the pattern for a purple ninja, and made a chocolate cream pie for desert this evening.  I love “working”.

Pieces out: 35

Goal: 40

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  1. I’m commenting. Am I back in your good graces? 😛

    I think I spent the day driving, gambling, and sleeping? That was yesterday, right?

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