Booya! Productivity!

Today was my son’s last day of kindergarten.  My husband took an hour off of work and we sat in tiny little chairs at tiny little tables and enjoyed a tiny little party with his class.  A good time was had by all.

And then I wrote.  Like the wind!  I whipped up a rather charming short story where the character exclaims things like, “Wickedly decadent!” and runs around with a suitcase and her best hat.  I’m quite pleased with it.  And then I sat down and thought, “You know, I really should submit some of these pieces.”  So I did.  I submitted six pieces.  Six!  So my grand total of submitted pieces is currently at 41.  I think that one of my magazines has folded, but I’ll check it later.  Right now I shall bask in hitting my goal and then one.

Speaking of folding, Tuesday Shorts has closed.  This saddens me because I loved reading it, and it was a fun, welcoming place to showcase short shorts.   I’ll miss it.

Also, I’ve been floundering about for a new project to throw myself into.  Some of you know this.  I love to write my novels in desperate spurts, for the most part.  I thrive on the stress and the passion.  When I give myself too long to complete it, I get restless and bored.  But there’s that dry spell between novels that I fill with short stories, at first, and then I start to feel fallow.  But today as I was watching the wind blow the lavender around, I suddenly thought, “I miss the characters from my first novel.”  And I do!  The sequel to that thing was a real train wreck, but I can figure out how to fix it now.  I’ve learned quite a bit since then.

Mmm, I found my new project.  I’ll work on that while I continue to query RunStarGirl.  I’m pretty pleased with this decision.

Pieces out: 41

Goal: 40, baby!  Woo!

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  1. At first, when I read it, I thought you would say that you needed inspiration (or an idea). I’m always having ideas for stories and I have one concept that might intrigue you… but go and do that sequel. :p

    When we finally get around to talking again, you’ll find yourself proud of me. And I’ve written another poem that should be in your inbox. Actually, the poem has to do with the idea for a story. See what you think and get back to me.

    Talk to you soon, Mercedes. And congrats!

  2. I can follow this blog from work, if not the other ones. so when you say you were looking for something new, it’s like sirens went off for all of us “non-writers”! “sweet now she can write vicariously for me!” you should write screen plays for video games. not only would it be fun, but you’d be able in inject that playful sacrastic wit you’ve honed so finely.

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