Can’t Get Me Down Today, Universe. Sorry.

So yesterday I was all, “Tra la la, I’m productive!”  I assumed this gave me a free pass to slide today, which I’ll inevitably need.  One can’t be terribly productive two days in a row, can one?  Of course not.  Musn’t get too crazy, now.

Then last night I received two query rejections, and today I woke up to three magazine rejections.  Wait, what?  Don’t I get to walk on clouds for a little while longer?  No, no I do not.  That’s the thing about writing, I suppose.  It’s never really dull.  I mean, sure, it gets tiring and grinding and despairing sometimes, but not really dull.  And there’s also euphoria and that feeling like your body is going to supernova into something sensational because the words went down on the page just perfectly.  I think it takes a flexible personality to persevere in this business.  It also takes somebody who realizes when they’re spiraling into depression, and can take the steps to crawl out of it.  Maybe there are happy writers who are happy all of the time, and never even have to worry about that depressive slide.  As for myself, I’ve never met one.  Perhaps a Five-Rejections-in-Ten-Hours day would be tougher to handle if I wasn’t still excited about the past few days.  As it is, I’m very lucky.

 And Nexus is going to run my poem “unsolicited” in the debut online magazine, so that’s pretty awesome.  There’s not even a WHAM!  Murder! moment in the the thing.  Rock on!

 It’s coming into my husband’s busy season at work.  This means that I’ll be single momming it until the end of September.  Wish me a lot of luck!  I’ve also decided that I need to work out more.  I’ve been tired and the migraines have been almost daily lately, which is definitely uncool.  When I work out, I feel better, but it’s too hot and dangerous to go running right now.  Arg, and I’m just lazy.  There’s always that.

Also, where did my header go?  I’ll have to hunt down my old laptop and hope it doesn’t crash while I yoink that pic off of it!  I don’t have it on this computer.

Pieces out: 38

Goal: 40

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  1. Totally, like, where’s that header, eh? Cuz I thought it was just me, you know?

    I love your last two posts here, Mercedes — you are SUCH a writer head.

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