Hello, I Belong to a Secret Organization…Eventually?

I wish that I was painting our kitchen table black right now, but I’m not.  I’m home alone with the kids and I just know that there will be black paint fingerprints everywhere unless I have somebody else to run interference.  So I’ll bounce to the second thing on my list…SFWA and HWA.

I’m looking into joining either the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America or the Horror Writers Association.  I was checking out the requirements online, and I think that might be something that I need right now: another goal.  I’d like to boost the quality of my work, and I’d like to try a higher tier of market.  If I don’t constantly challenge myself, I get bored and rather lazy, and there are few things that I hate worse.

But I’m not certain yet.  Would these associations be something that I’d like, or would they be more noise?  Is anybody here a member of either?  Pros?  Cons?  Will they give me the push that I need, or will I run screaming?  Please chime in, if you can.  I would really appreciate it.

My lawn?  Is coming up lush and bright green.  Pigeons fear me.  Just sayin’.

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  1. I think the real challenge that you should push yourself towards is not necessarily those organizations, but simply being published in a far-reaching publication. Think of it as beginning to make a name for yourself in the writing industry (a real name where people recognize the publications).

    There are a few benefits that are listed on the site for the Horror Writers Association: “Whether you’re an aspiring writer working toward your all-important first pro-level sale or a seasoned novelist with a dozen books to your credit, HWA can help further your career through networking, mentoring, information trading, and promotional resources.”

    They also have quoted on there that when this editor sees that a writer is a member of the association, they automatically feel as if that writers is more dedicated and more serious about their writing. This may only be a marketing ploy for joining the Association, however. Another bonus is that they do facilitate signings and readings and they do offer a greater networking capability. In addition, they offer various marketing expenditures to their writers: http://www.horror.org/joinhwa.htm (Browse down to Marketing and Promotion). So they do have tools.

    They also have tools for finding an agent, for career building (online seminars and chats), and as said before, for networking.

    I’m not aware of any cons, unless you don’t want to dish out the money every year to be apart of the association. It’s $65 a year, it looks like. So, it’s not a terrible price. I’m sure you can find more information than I can give.

  2. I’m in the same boat. I’m looking to join one of those as well, but I only haven’t because of sheer laziness. You’ve reminded me to check them out again.

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