I Was Going To Announce a Beat Down

Baby Girl

Matt Betts and I are having a challenge to see who can qualify as an active member of the HWA first. Why? Because we wanna. And it’s always much more fun to do something like this with somebody…or against somebody. Our contest officially begins today, and I was going to have a huge “Are you ready to rumble AUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!” thing to kick it off. I was going to swagger and tell you all about how Matt seems like a nice guy, and it’s easy to make nice guys cry, and I was going to win, etc etc etc. (Insert familiar Mercedes “I Can Do It!” trash talk here.) But this morning my baby girl had three seizures within ten minutes, and we got out of the ER a while ago. She’s never had them, and they have no idea what happened because all of her tests looked fine, so we’re scheduling an appointment with a neurologist. Rah Rah and Sis Boom Bah, but I’m going to have to start a day or two later than originally planned. Don’t think that I won’t win, though, cuz I will.

Oh yes.

I am also comforted by knowing that I’m two rounds ahead of somebody in a separate challenge. Let’s all hope that it stays that way.

Lies to come tomorrow, I swear.  For now, it’s family cuddle time.

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  1. That is so scary about the seizures! It seems to me that I keep meeting people who are struggling with seizures or whose kids have had them, and often, no one can figure out why. I hope it’s a one-time thing. Take care, and enjoy the cuddle time. I’m sure you’ll still win!

  2. Sending good thoughts your daughter’s way!

    It’s not unheard of for kids to have a few seizures when they’re young, and promptly grow out of them. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a fever.

  3. Hope the babe is okay, it’s horrible when the little ones are poorly.

    And hey, you can win. I’m convinced my HWA membership is never going to happen. Argh!!!!

  4. Wow. I was completely prepared for the proper come back to the standard beat down language – I learned a lot of trash talk from WWF wrestlers in the 80’s – but that is scary.

    I have a 2 year old and I know how little things freak me out, I can’t imagine something that big.

    Hope all is well. Let me know when I can start pummeling you in the HWA challenge (so I can unleash the full fury of the all-powerful horror writing colossus)! Sorry – 80s wrestling flashback.

  5. Apparently they were caused by the inhumane heat. She is absolutely fine and they haven’t occurred again. Thank you so much for your concern, you guys! Way to rock!

  6. I just stumbled on your blog looking for mojave desert images, and read about the seizures.
    My friend’s daughter suddenly started having seizures years ago when she was a teenager. The doctor, then hospital, tested and tried all sorts of seizure meds — upping the dosages over and over again — and couldn’t find out what they were. After the seizures got really bad (frequent grand mal) and everyone was desperate, they finally found that the seizures were Brain Stem Seizures (the regular tests don’t test for that, since ordinarily they affect a different part of the brain).

    I believe the solution ended up being an extra Low dose of one of the most ordinary seizure meds.

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