If Your Heart Is Broken…I Can’t Fix It.

Somebody found this blog by searching for the phrase “just want to be friends my heart is broken.”

Funny, because I read that and first had that hollow, painful feeling.  All, “Aw, you poor thing, with your tender heart!  It makes my soul ache for you.”  I write a lot about broken hearts–hearts that are literally broken–and I thought, hey, did this person find a story that could be comforting?   So I googled “just want to be friends my heart is broken” to see where they ended up.

Well, wha-?  They ended up here.  I’m sorry, Broken Hearted Person.  Sucks to be you, and obviously I’m not going to be any help.  Add to that the fact that I’m listening to Modest Mouse’s “Float On” and I’m just about the last person to commiserate.  Although I do have a freezer full of Junior Mints, and frozen Junior Mints can cure anything that ails ya.

Today is a fine writing day.

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  1. *lol* Now, now, don’t waste candy on pigeons. If animals eat them they’ll barf all over your lawn : P

    Am I the only one that thinks its wonky humans are the only “animal” that CAN eat chocolate?

  2. Wow, I go offline for a week and WHAM! you’ve blogged the snot out of the universe! uh… not sure what that means.. but…
    I can’t wait till next tuesday! I think my little writer’s heart is broken and i need the illiterati to fix it. LOL!
    p.s. I still haven’t tried frozen jr. mints.
    p.p.s. thank you for the Atlas Takes Aim love. 🙂

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