I’m Obsessed.

I’m obsessed with a lot of things.  Challenges.  David Bowie.  High heels.  Junior Mints.  Keeping a high submissions count.  But now there’s something new thrown into the mix.

The Wii.

Oh, I know.  I rolled my eyes at the Wii for years because it looks too simplistic.  I’m into Playstation 2 RPGs!  I’ll flip a game over and do a little dance if it says “70+ hours of gameplay”.  There are few things better than a thick, juicy, mouthwatering game with intricate plots, memorable characters and a satisfying conclusion.  I’m a fan of Final Fantasy 7.  Cloud’s “secret” intrigued me.  Rock on, people!  These games are like interactive novels!

But Saturday was an exceptionally lousy day, and we broke down and bought a Wii to cheer ourselves up.  And Wii Fit, which is another joyful story.

I should be packing/doing chores/preparing for Monday’s HWA challenge (more on that later).  But no.  I’m involved in simulated hula hooping.  I’m running around an island path that isn’t really there.  But it’s fun, and the kids are ecstatic, so that’s even better.

Tomorrow I leave for a camping trip with a bunch of teenage girls.  I’m a girl’s camp leader, can you believe it?  I’m a role model and an example of what to be…or what not to be,  more likely.  I’ll be gone for four days.  I’m coming home a day early because Saturday is my 5k race out in the Mojave Desert.  Wish me luck on both accounts.

Now!  More hula hooping!

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  1. Seriously, gaming with my son is pretty the funnest thing I do.

    We’re still big time into Oblivion for PC (working our way through the thousands of modules online), and one of our favorite PS2 rpgs is Project Eden. It’s a lot like Tombraider (made by Eidos, in fact), except that it’s set in an eerie, distant future, and you control four characters cooperatively. I know you’d love it, Mercedes, especially if you have someone to help you play it.

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