I’m Only Ten Years Old

I had just poured myself a glass of Coke Zero, booted up my computer, and flexed my hands over the keyboard.  Could I recapture last night’s magic?  Could I finish this story tonight?  It’s been a busy day full of family and a comedy of errors.  Could I put all of that aside?

Then the phone rang, and it was my very dear friend.  We talked until midnight, calming down and sorting things out.  I didn’t write a thing, but I experienced a different kind of magic.  The day that I completely throw my friends and family aside in order to grind out a word count is the day that I put my pen down.  I won’t deserve it anymore.

My father came down to visit today.  I was all, “Daddy, Daddy!” because I adore him absolutely, and when he comes to town, I’m only ten years old.  He brings me pocket knives and breakfast sandwiches.  He scared off every boyfriend except for the really serious ones.

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  1. I’ve been overwhelmed with family for the last month, so now I’m just chillin’ and soaking up some Mercedes time. I LOVE this post!!!

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