You know that delicious feeling when everything in the cosmos has come together?  You read/watched/thought of something that catches your fancy, and suddenly the planets align in such a way that you slide easily into that writing groove?  It’s an out of body experience.  It’s magic.  I’m listening to Sufjan Stevens’ “Greetings from Michigan-The Great Lakes State” album, my son fell asleep at my feet, and I just wrote 2200 words of a short story.  This experience has an ephemeral feel to it.  If I touch it, it’ll be gone.

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  1. Little did she know, the pigeons were lulling her into a false sense of security.

    “We attack at dawn,” Apollo said, his feathers ruffling majestically in the night air.

    “Yes,” Christobel concurred. “At dawn.”

    And thus began the great Mint War.

  2. …mucus shovel fairy?

    They will speak often of The Great Mint War. Frozen Junior Mints bombarded the Dastardly Pigeons of Destruction and Despair. And then? Pinatas!

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