Miss California is Fired

Okay, so this is bugging me, and it’s constantly in my face because the whole thing went down here in Vegas.  Of course I’m talking about the Miss USA pageant.  Did you watch it?  No, of course not, and I didn’t either, but not to worry!  The whole thing is on YouTube, and in the paper, and on those fake little news stories on the Yahoo home page, along with “Is Lard Making a Comeback?”* and “Find the Real Meaning of the Name Jennifer!”* 

We all know about Perez Hilton asked Miss California a question about gay marriage, and she said that she didn’t personally believe in it.  We heard the sound of a record skipping, and the world stopped turning on its axis.  The co-executive director stomped away from the pageant (although she’s willing to come back now that Miss CA is out on her can) and there was much waving of hands and gnashing of teeth.

Come on, people.

Am I the only one horrified by this?  And I’m definitely not talking about the issue of gay marriage at all.  In fact, I’m not particularly interested in your opinion on that subject because A) it tends to be too fiery for people to handle in a civilized manner B) it tends to be too fiery for people to handle in a civilized manner ON THE WEB.  If you want to discuss hopes, dreams, views, and philosophies in a private atmosphere where it can be shown the respect that it deserves, that’s a completely different scenario.  But I don’t invite “ur a h8er!” or “halp, god will smite u!” on this site.  This is a peaceful place.  Just sayin’.

But what does terrify me?  Somebody is asked about a deeply personal opinion, they are forced to share that opinion publicly, it’s unpopular, and WHAM!  Massacre!  Isn’t this America?  Did we lose the right of free speech while my head was turned? As a writer, doesn’t this scare the tar right out of you?

This all goes back to current human behavior, and why I don’t want to be the next Stephanie Meyer.  (This is for you, Cryptic.  Thought I’d bring it back up. 😉 )  You have Team Jacob vs.  Team Edward, Coke vs. Pepsi, Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice , and Gay Marriage vs. Straight Marriage all rioting in the streets.  To quote Rodney King, can’t we all just get along?

So, uh, yeah.  Back to the charming little skirt that I’m sewing.  Ahem.


*Actual stories.  I weep for journalism.

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  1. I’m bothered that people (on both sides) acted like rabid hyenas. Her being fired was a legal issue, so I was all for that. From what I heard, she thought thought “contractual obligation” meant “if you feel like it.” The one-time law student in me vomited, rolled over and had a seizure ; )

    1. That’s right, Natalie. I read about the contractual obligation, and I support their decision. But I genuinely believe that if there hadn’t been the earlier brouhaha, nothing else would have been brought up.

  2. It’s all politics. If you’re the position to advocate is in power (which proponents of gay marriage are), then, almost certainly, you’d expect them to flaunt their power. It happens on both sides no matter the issue/game/contest/what-have-you.

    On the entire argument, I say France is right. Civil Unions for all! haha. It just seems so much easier of a solution than all this fighting.

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