The concert rocked last night.  Atlas Takes Aim always puts on a good show, but they were exceptionally spectacular.  And although I’m not particularly into the Vegas club scene (transparent dresses, spilled drinks, touchy strangers), I would definitely go to Wasted Space again.  It’s the kind of place where you can put on your boots and stomp around. 

Thanks to Carrie Harris, I’ve been inducted into the (Semi) Secret Order of the Blog Ninja!  I was so grateful for her query letter help that I sent her a little purple ninja that I had made…along with the ninja’s Richard Simmons doll. 

Me: (To my husband) No, for the tenth time, it is not a thumb! It’s a Richard Simmons doll!  Sheesh! 

Anyway, hooray!  I’m honored and happy!  And not at all stealthy, but I do have some incredibly swift take-down moves.   They’re good for parties.

So guess what I’ve been doing all day?  Throwing rocks at pigeons.  No, really.  We reseeded our front lawn, and those flying rats have been yum yumming it up all week.  At first I was all, “Shoo, shoo, my little darlings!”  But now it’s war.  I have a secret cache of rocks by the front door, so I can come out and let them fly.  Would I ever intentionally hit one?  Of course not.  But I’ve become a woman possessed, and it’s worked it’s way into one of my stories. 

Today was a day of rejections and some “Oh yeah?!  I’ll show you!” submissions.  Then  I needed a good, stiff Coke Zero.  Also, I keep forgetting to pull my pics off of my old, crashed, dilapidated laptop.  I’m hoping that my new header will shock me each time that I see it, and therefore I’ll be all, “Holy cow!  Get that broken laptop picture, now now now!”  Mmm, we’ll see.

In other news, I sent somebody a voodoo doll, and he stabbed himself on all of the pins.  I meant to send an email saying to open it carefully, but oops.  He is now infected with the Mercedes virus, and will wreak oleander havoc on his side of the country.  Bwa ha.  I’m nearly in control.

Google history: Pasadena CA, Wasted Space, hedonistic, chemistry of fireworks and pyrotechnics, bat wing bone structure, atomic fireballs, Ivanushki International

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  1. Find that broken laptop pic soon or you’ll have to rename this blog “A Horde of Mutant Santas”!

    Also, try a birdbath filled with long-stemmed rice — you can watch the pigeons explode right before your eyes. Great fertilizer.

  2. Welcome to the Semi Secret Order of the Blog Ninja. You have been assimilated. 😉

    Rock on with your revenge submitting self. My submissions motto comes from a great Neil Gaiman essay: “Oh yeah? Well, reject THIS!” Said with much gesticulating and revenge submitting, of course.

  3. Instead of sending voodoo dolls to otherwise nice folks, you should send them out to do battle with your pigeons. Go ahead and picture that cuz it’s cool.

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