Ten (Belated) Things About Me.

So a few months ago Jameson T. Caine tagged me in a meme where you shared ten true things about yourself.  I love to read memes like that, but I put this on the back burner and forgot about it.  Today’s the day!

Ten True Things About Me

1.   I started seriously submitting stories in March of 2008.  I still have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.  Navigating the writing world feels a lot like tip-toeing through land mines.

2.  I grew up in the full-on desert.  We’re talking rattlesnakes, sage brush, arrowheads…the real deal.  We were taught Snakebite 101 in school.

3.  My bedroom is painted navy.  Yeah, I didn’t do it.  But it’s grown on me.  I took my “About Me” picture in there.

4.  My son was born with Williams Syndrome.  He has everything on the Williams Syndrome list except for hernias (thankfully) including  fabulous starburst eyes!

5.  I’ve never had so much as a sip of alcohol, ever.  And I write?  Huh?  How can that be?  😛

6.  I always flip my glass upside down in the sink after I drink from it.  This detail shows up in RunStarGirl.

7.  I lived in Helsinki for a while.  I really dug it.  I’d move back there in a heartbeat.

8.  Speaking of heartbeats, I have bradycardia. 

9.  I’m obsessed with slippers!  Soft, warm, cushy slippers.  I have several pairs.  I think it’s because I wear heels so often, and I like to come home and baby my feet.

10.  I have a motorcycle license, but no bike.  I kind of hang out with my helmet under my arm, hoping that somebody will let me ride theirs.  When I get my first bike, I’m looking for a Kawasaki Vulcan 500 or a Honda Shadow Spirit 750.  Still small and manageable, but able to cruise with the big boys if necessary.  And considering that I learned to ride on a 250, they’ll still be big enough to be exciting.  🙂


Pieces out: 36

Goal: 40

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  1. Despite my leaving a comment on Simon’s blog about declaring my sloppy-drunkenish love for your S&ST posts, I rarely drink myself. And sloppy-drunk? Um, no.

  2. My first bike was a Kaw, 454Ltd. Loved it. =) I wish I had a bike up in berkeley, but my current isn’t in the best of shape, and I’ve not been in the mood to move it back and forth with Los Angeles…. Fwibble.

    My dad wanted to go out into the desert desert and raise me on rattlesnakes; my mom talked him out of it. :heh:

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