Cozy Little Bunnies

I had a lot of things run today.  So if you’re lonely or sick in bed and fancy yourself a Mercedes fest, then man, do I have some links for you!  We’ll be like cozy little bunnies by the time you’re through.  Cozy little vampire bunnies!

“Morning Glory” is up on Craig Sernotti’s The.  That’s here.

“Chains” is today’s story on Everyday Weirdness.  That’s here.

“unsolicited” is up on Nexus.  That’s here.

Three pieces all going up on one day?  I imagine this will never happen again.  Awesome.

Also, the power cord from my old, brave broken laptop has an attachment that lets it convert to this computer.  So I’m neither 1) electrocuted 2) electronically bereft.  Thank you, thank you, old broken laptop.  Now I can still order things online.

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  1. Morning Glory — very creepy despite its brevity.

    Chains — Dude. I LOVED the contrasting viewpoints. Brilliant.

    Unsolicited made me lol, and I NEVER lol. I mean, I ‘laugh out loud’ all the time, but I refuse to type lol except on the rarest of occasions.

    You’re a good writer, Mercedes. Anybody ever tell you that? Scuse me while I go delete some more of my short fiction.

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