Blood in the Water!



So I was having a rather bad day when I zipped on over to Matt Bett’s blog and I read his “Arg, you die now!” post. And it cheered me right the heck up. Yay! Trash talk! Threats of slaughter! An unnamed prize! I smell blood in the water.  I like challenges.  A lot

The first thing that I did was rip off his Challenge Banner, because it rocks.  I don’t know how to make stuff like that.  Then I strutted around at home, being all, “Yeah!” and “Woo!” and “It’s on!”  Then I decided that I’d better let the rest of you know.  “Yeah, woo, it’s on!”  Now you’re all caught up.

This challenge was going to begin on Monday, but Nice Guy Matt was gracious enough to give me a few days to pull myself together after my daughter’s scare.  That was greatly appreciated.  Note that nice guys finish last.  😉

I’m excited to do this, because it will be fun and motivating.  Thanks to Matt for not batting an eye when a stranger sashayed over to his blog and challenged him then and there.  Thems the breaks, kid!  And technically he opened that particular can of worms by replying to my HWA and SFWA post here at abrokenlaptop. He was asking for it, is how I see it.  Yeah.  I’d say more trash talky things, but my daughter is brushing my hair, and it’s difficult to be a tough beast when you’re also doubling as Barbie. 

This is it, Matt.  You’re on.

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