Come Listen To My Sordid Little Tale

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A tale of an unlikely friendship, a friendship that puts everybody’s reputation at stake…

Or something.  Finally I have the “all clear” to announce this: I’m a member of the Shock Totem staff.  Rock on! 

I submitted a story back to them in September, and they accepted it in October.  After the acceptance, I began hanging out on the ST forum, pretty much my first forum ever,  and we hit it off.  They are a really stellar group, I have to tell you that.  So a while later, they ask if maybe I’d consider being their nonfiction writer, and, well, yeah.  So starting in Issue 2, I’ll have a nonfic piece in there talking about real life horrors.  The first piece is already written. 

So why is this sordid?  My primary concern was that they’d pull my short story out of their first issue now that I was staff.  I worked my butt off to get that story in there!  They have a 1.4% acceptance rate,  and let’s face it: it’s hard to get published in a well-done, professional pay magazine, especially when you’re a nobody like I am.  I didn’t want to lose it.  (And it counts for HWA!  Booya, baby!  That’s two pieces in two days!) But on the other hand, we didn’t want anybody to think that they were running my story because I was staff.  They wrote a news release on the blog telling how I came aboard.  I’m all happy because I’m a “murderous vixen.”  Sweet talkers.

The first issue goes on sale today, and you can check it out here.  Buy one!  😀

Anyway, submissions open up on August 1st, so send us something awesome!   I’m going to help with the slush reading, but I’m going to read everything blind in order to be as fair as possible. Unless you’re Matt Betts.  Then I’ll reject it straight out.  😛  Just kidding.  It feels good to say, “Yeah, I’m working for this magazine,” and not have to be all, “Uh, Shock Totem?  I’m, er, impartial.” 

Also, the shovel thing is absolutely true.  I’m guilty, I’ll admit it.  What isn’t true?  I’d never ride a moped.  Mopeds are for sissies.  I’m a motorcycle girl all the way, yo.

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  1. Your secret was blown the other day on the forums when your name was in green lettering (at the bottom where it shows who is online at that moment), indicating you were a forum mod.

    Congrats, all the same!

  2. Not to steal any thunder, But I really think we run a unique thing over at the forum…all who post there are cordial and funny and smart and we all seem to understand the bizarro and sometimes WAY out there humor that abounds.

    Mercedes …you rock….like totally.

  3. Like Shock Totem needs your help rejecting me. They’ve done just fine with that without you!

    Conrats! On working with ST and for the qualifying piece.

    Enjoy the victories. When I get back from vacation, I’ll begin crushing your spirits anew!

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