Fireworks in Vegas!

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I love fireworks.  I’m positively mad about them.  The thing that really made chemistry click for me was when we learned how to make the different colors in fireworks.  I was in heaven. 

Every year I used to go out into the desert with my friends to watch the fireworks, or climb on the roof of my house.  This year I’m watching them out of our window, and it’s pretty spectacular.  Vegas does put on a good show.

I was driving around town yesterday when I came up with a pivotal scene for my demon story.  I thought that thing was on the back burner, but it came waltzing into the forefront of my mind.  Perhaps the best thing about this HWA contest, besides the good-natured trash talk, is that suddenly I’m writing again.  Sure, it isn’t anything that would actually help me in this contest, but that doesn’t really matter.

Happy 4th, everybody.

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  1. I never enjoyed fireworks. Loud and disturbing things, they are. And the crowds they attract! My family always tells me that I have never liked them.

    Hope you enjoyed your day, Mercedes.

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