My First WIP Wednesday. And I score!


There’s a reason that I never did WIP Wednesdays: I have about a zillion works in progress, and I don’t want to face up to that fact.  But you know what?  Huzzah for accountability!  I love to read how other people’s WIPs are going because it’s inspiring.  So buck up, me.

The Demon Novel: 16,633 words.  I hope to finish it at 50k by August 1. 

Big Ben- 3,000 words.  I’m about halfway finished.  This was the piece that felt magic, but I lost that.  Can it be recaptured?  This will not help me with the HWA contest.

Irises- 1,500 words.  It’s perhaps 1/3 of the way through.  Delicately pretty.  Also no HWA help.  But they’re longer pieces!  So at least one goal is being achieved.

The Witch of Sunnyburg, Mim, Violet, Charms, and The Amazing Adventures of the Blood-Spattered Man are all started (barely) and would be the type of stories to count towards the HWA.  Along with a handful of others.  You see that I’m fairly schizophrenic when it comes to my work.  It kills me to settle down on just one.  My first priority, though, is the demon novel.  Rock on, woo!  I’ve never abandoned a novel midway through, and I’m not starting now.

My poem “the stranger with blue eyes” went up at Fear and Trembling today.  And you know what?  This DOES count toward HWA!  Hahahahaha!  Go Team Mercedes!  You can read it here.  This poem is based on an experience that I had at a Seattle bank.  I also used this as the jumping off point for RunStarGirl.

Tomorrow I have a dirty little secret to confess.  I’ve been dying to share, but that privelage was denied.  Until now.

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