On Being Unkind

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I told you that I was struggling about how best to deal with Things of a Delicate Nature. While I was fighting this personal battle, I read this post by Aaron Polson and I thought, “Amen, brother!” Apparently I’m not the only one feeling the heat. It seems that ugliness is being spread far and wide.

I don’t know Aaron’s situation, and he was graceful enough not to say. My situation seems rather similar, and I, too, feel the desire to purge it without revealing the details or being inflammatory.  I just want to say that the sandbox is big enough for all of us, Unkind One. The success of others doesn’t diminish your hard earned success. 

 But this negative experience has been eclipsed by the behavior of the other writers and publishers that I’ve run across.  I’ve been extremely fortunate to fall in with a supportive crowd.  From great publishers (you rock, Shock Totem guys!) to friendly writers (Kurt Newton has answered every writer’s question that I’ve asked. Jay MacLarty and Carrie Harris helped me over the hurdle of my first query letter), to people who push me with challenges (Mason Ian, Matt Betts) and the blogging crowd, (Natalie L. Sin, Jameson T. Caine, Jeremy D. Brooks, Catherine Gardner and anybody else whose comments you see on this blog) I’ve been lucky.  See that?  All of these great names and links?   It’s just as I had always hoped: the lovely chases away the ugly.  And now, Unkind One, I’ve pondered it.  I’ve covered your meanness with something beautiful, and I shall never think of you again. 

Have a great night, everybody.  I know that I’ll sleep well.

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  1. I know I always say I admire you because you’re such a brilliant writer and all that. But this is the real reason. You are *so awfully good* at seeing beauty everywhere. Well done!

  2. Thanks for pointing out Aaron’s post. It was a good read.

    Very cool of you to acknowledge your peeps. It is good to have so many people that support and understand how tough this business can be. I’m not sure how long I would’ve lasted in the initial hail of rejections without my writing group and understanding spouse.

    And thanks for including me in the positive column. Try to remember that when I’m waving at you from the winner’s lounge later on! (Did I not mention there’s a winner’s lounge now? Oops!)

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