So…whatcha doing tonight?

Today has been a relentlessly hard day.  Actually, the last three weeks have been, and I screamed and cried and beat my heels against the ground a little bit.  But tonight I have a date!  A word warring date!  I’m meeting my friend this evening in the #nanowrimo chat room (the official NaNoWriMo chat) around 9:00 Pacific, and we’re going to write for two hours.  I know this is a bit late for some of you, and right in the middle of the day for some others, but you’re all invited to war with us!  We’ll just set aside this block of time to have the chat room up (yay, friends!) and cheer each other along (yay, cheerleaders!) and write.  I don’t go by Mercedes in there, but ask around and I’ll pop up.  It’ll be fun!  And if you like it, we can do it more often.

Don’t forget to bring me flowers.  I like flowers.

Also, my poem “one day” was accepted for the “Follow the Butterflies” issue of Emerald Tales Magazine.  I know a few of us are sharing a TOC, so rock on!  I’m in the August 15th one.

I hope to see some of you tonight.  🙂

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  1. Did you change the format of your blog? I ask because it looks completely different than it did before and makes me think this computer did something funky.

    I have a conversation to tell you about. It’s an interesting one. You’ll love it (or maybe you’ll think I’m absolutely insane for even having it).

    We’ll see if I get on tonight. I probably will be on. Nothing else to do, really.

    Talk to you soon, Mercedes.

  2. Holy snap, Shad, I DID! And then I forgot about it, and was quite surprised myself. Mmm, I think I’ll keep it this way for a little while. I like it.

    I’ll see you (or not) soon. 🙂

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