Baring It All Online. G-Rated, You Pervs.

I'm naked!

Ray Veen is the Anti-Me.  I don’t think that either he or I realized this, but it must be the case.  For a while I thought that Matt Betts was the Anti-Me, but it turns out that we’re almost disappointingly similar. If Matt and I were to meet up, we’d spend the time watching PG-13 horror movies between our fingers, interspersed with showing each other pictures of our family and then getting into a hand slapping fight. But Ray and I might eye each other warily from opposite sides of the room. Why? Profile pictures. They may have effectively driven a wedge between us. Er, the cyber us.

I loved his post.  (Check out the linky-link above.)  He feels that profile pics are contrived and unrealistic.  I think they’re just made of awesome.

But I see his point.  Online relationships are made and carried out based on an idea that you have of a person.  Pictures can be misleading. They can feel dishonest.  On the other hand, pictures give you a way to identify with somebody. 

I lost a challenge once.  I know, I was sorely disappointed.  I can’t even remember what the challenge was, but the consequence was that I had to take a fresh faced picture and post it online.  My hair couldn’t be done.  No makeup.  I was to be naked, in a strictly metaphorical sense.  And it was scary, because lipstick is armor, boys and girls.  I don’t go into a meeting without it.  Especially if I think it’s going to disintegrate into a brawl.

But there’s freedom in putting the axe down, as some would say.  Let’s strip away all of the pretenses.  Look.  It’s me.  I’m bare.  Let’s start a revolution.

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  1. I’m safe–not only do I not own a camera, I somehow managed to lose an important part of my mom’s so I can’t borrow it.

    Of course, I consider “brushing my hair” the only truly necessary part of getting ready for public appearances.

  2. Beautiful – once again. I like my recent funky profile pics (but I will agree to being slightly ADD when it comes to changing the profile pic). Although you may not see the whole me, I think they are full of personality – so in that regard you are still getting to see at least part of the real me. 🙂 (I may have just put too much thought into a simple picture…)

  3. Yeah… I don’t think you’re making a valid counter-point. Why? Because you look great. Even with your face stripped off.

    Which means your online persona is legit in at least a physical sense.

  4. But I have NO FACE!!!

    Yeah, this was the lamest revolution ever. Next time I’m going to ask a roomful of sociological students to join me in shifting the paradigm of the world! They’ll rally around anything.

    Duly noted, K. I’d better affix my fangs and horns again. It’s more comfortable that way, anyway.


  5. you know what Sadie that picture you had posted reminded me of the Sadie of simpler times. Your current pics are awesome but most defintely the the recent one reminds me of those times.

  6. How in the heck did I ever miss this post? I have a hunch you’re correct and I look forward to the hand-slapping fight one day. In the meantime I shall still refer to you as my nemesis, if not the anti-me.

    Hmmm. Reminds me of the movie “Unbreakable”. Indestructible Bruce Willis’ enemy was the incredibly frail Mr. Glass.

    If you and Ray were in the same room, would the lights flicker?

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