Inside My Head Day Five: The Bowie Tree

Bowie Tree

So once upon a time in Seattle, we had a David Bowie Christmas party.  Bowie invitations were issued, the guests all dressed up as Bowie, and everybody performed a song.  (I was Labyrinth Bowie.)  A good time was had by all.  I’d post pictures, but the skintight gold Lycra, feather boas, and general cross dressing might be too much for the Internet to handle.  It was awesome.

I’m running the ET Midnight Marathon on Saturday.  Well, it’s technically Sunday, I suppose, since my 10k starts at 1:00 AM.  Can I run six miles?  Not a chance, but it’s all about having a good time and bounding around in the desert with glowsticks.

I submitted four pieces yesterday, including Axes.  I’ve been a little more interested in polishing old things than I have been in writing new ones, but I think it’s because my brain is fried.  Either way, it’s progress, yeah?  🙂

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