Inside My Head, Day Four: Axes



Holy snap, last week was a nose-to-the-grindstone type of week!  Life took a backseat while I finished some of this stuff up.  But today?  It’s a new day.  A new week.  I can put the focus back on my family and on writing, thank goodness.  This week is dedicated toward the HWA contest.  Hear that, Matt?!  Tremble like you’re watching “What Lies Beneath!”  Ahahahahaha!!!

I’m actually cleaning up a story called “Axes”.  “Axes” made it to the final round of the Dark Jester anthology, and I never sent it out again after it was cut.  I like it too much to send it just anywhere, but it’s also humorous horror and so I imagine it’s a difficult fit for most places.

Also!  Robert Swartwood is accepting submissons for his Hint Fiction anthology.  The stories need to be 25 words or less.  You can find the guidelines here.

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