Look Inside My Head Day Eight: Robot Heart

Robot Heart


I spent today in the ER with my son.  He had a bad fall, and with a bad fall comes “complications”.  He’s all right, but he had to have a CT scan of his head and his spine, and we’re all nervous wrecks.  He pulled out his IV needle, and I was covered in his blood.  It broke my heart.  I wish that I was a robot.

Saturday I did my 10k race.  It was awesome!  Unearthly and surreal, bounding through the dessert at 1:00 AM.  My husband and brother did it, too, and we all had breakfast afterward.  I really enjoyed it.

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  1. What is it with you and always finding yourself covered in blood, Mercedes?

    And, if you were a robot, you’d never be able to pull off writing the stories you do. Which has a certain weird blend to it.

    Hope to talk to you soon.

  2. He’s all right. He fell backwards off of the bathroom counter and landed on the hard floor. He has brittle bones and can’t speak, so we had to get a couple of CT scans. Everything is fine and he’s in great spirits now that he’s home. 🙂

    Ray! Play with us!

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