Oh yeah!

I totally forgot that today is WIP Wednesday.  To be perfectly honest, I forgot that today was Wednesday altogether.  We’re floating in a sea of cough syrup and tissues at this house, and I’ve been pretty forget…what was I saying?

Yesterday I polished up two pieces and sent them out.  I have two more ready to go when their respective markets open up.  I’ve also been working on “Big Ben” and I started something new, a lovely story that opens up with bits and pieces of a young woman.  Then I worried.  Have I become too dark?  Do I need to dance on the lighter side for a bit?  So I reworked the prologue of my first novel for a while (I despise prologues as a general rule, but for some reason this one seems necessary. Is that even possible?) and then I zipped back to my darky-dark story, which really isn’t that dark, so I decided.

So I’m being productive yet schizophrenic.  Yes.  Plus I’m tearing through slush.  Send more ghost stories!


Pieces out: 24

Goal: 40

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  1. Natalie, I suppose the right answer would be “It doesn’t exist”??

    Cate, I’m totally on board with that!

    Kurt, what happens in VEGAS, BABY!! stays in Vegas.

    Barry, more subs to Shock Totem. 🙂

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