121 Characters


Also, I had a twitter fiction go up on Nanoism.  Not only does the editor have personality, but the clean, sparse look of the site really appeals to me.  Cleanliness is elegance.  It makes me want to put on a white dress and throw paint on the walls.

You can see my story here.

OH!!!!  And I just thought, “Yay, it’s Wednesday!”  Now that Jameson T. Caine graciously informed me that America’s Next Top Model is on, Wednesday now has a place in my life.  And with ANTM Night also comes…WIP Wednesday!

The Illiterati assembled last night in the realms of the Netherworld.  Wombat with Guitar asked me what I was currently working on.  I thought for a long time….nothing.  Not a darn thing.  I’m editing, I’m adding a line to stories here and there, but no pressing WIP at the moment. It feels unholy.

But the real work has been on overhauling my first novel.  I had planned to get the whole thing to the Illiterati, but nooooo.  Life has been consistently getting in the way.  KillerCon starts tomorrow (KillerCon, KillerCon, hooray hooray!) and it lasts for four days.  I’m giving myself a week from Tuesday for edits, and then they’ll read it as a group and sacrifice it to the Gods of Language.

I did have the Illiterati shred my prologue and first chapter.  Wombat with Guitar came up with a great plan to de-prologue the prologue.  Wombat with Beautiful Eyelashes made me feel confident about the story’s draw.  I couldn’t be happier.

Also, I’m moving over to blogspot RIGHT NOW!!!  I’ll keep this one up as well, but I’m just dying to follow you guys like you deserve.  Home from work.  Into your house.  Whatever.

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