Dignity, People.


What’s this that I’m hearing about Kanye West?  Serena Williams?  Joe Wilson?  Michael Jordan? 

My daughter just hit the terrible twos.  If she doesn’t get her milk/puppy show/cookie, she does what we call “Bret’s Angry Dance” (you can see the namesake here).  She usually doesn’t get to finish Bret’s Angry Dance, because it is interrupted with a time out.  Why?  Because that type of behavior isn’t tolerated.  Because somebody needs to teach her the word “no”.  Because it’s my duty as a parent.  My goal is for my daughter to eventually be a happy, productive member of society.  Tantrums are not tolerated, end of story.

So if you’re upset about videos/tennis/health care/old slights…buck up.  Don’t make somebody else put you in the Naughty Chair.  It’s all right to be disappointed, and it’s all right to be angry. Just handle it with dignity and grace, like the rest of us.

Or perhaps we should toss the morays of society and all behave badly.  The next person that crosses me is going down, sucka!  This means you.

*Mercedes does Bret’s Angry Dance

In other news, I am already getting excited for Christmas.  Christmas!  I’m scheming and planning, and it’s just going to be all kinds of awesome.  I dearly love the holidays.  The only thing as awesome as Christmas is Halloween, and wazzat, it’s right around the corner as well.  Rock on, I say!  ROCK ON.


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  1. because it is interrupted with a time out.
    Good god. Too effing right. How ridiculous is all this crap?

    My husband just started going on about Xmas too, as it’s his favorite holiday. He’s Hindu. I can’t figure it out, but it’s definitely adorable.

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