KillerCon Day 1

I’m going to make this short and sweet because I’m exhausted.

KillerCon rocks, no joke. 

A wonderful Englishman introduced me to half of the authors. (Names and links later.) I met a writer with permanent vampire fangs, and a very sweet reader named Tim. Cookies were eaten, Shock Totems were sold, and I got two over-tired East coast authors lost on the Strip. (Sorry about that one, guys!)

So. Cool. But I have to be up in five hours, so it’s lights out for me. Have a good Saturday, everybody!

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  1. I thought Mercedes was really sweet. Until she sold Kurt and I to vicious pimps who made us into sex slaves. Now we’re trapped in the underbelly of Vegas forever.

  2. K and L.L.-

    “Cuties” such as yourself were made for the trade. Just sayin’.

    That garage and the surreal stairs were excellent, weren’t they?

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