KillerCon Day 3



It’s the last day of KillerCon.  I missed saying goodbye to about half of the people that I meant to, but I’ll email them to continue our conversations.  These conversations include: working with sociopaths (and the “deletion of the empathy gene”) cookie recipe, shopping tips, and agent pitches.  I’m excited to sit down tomorrow and write a real post about this conference!  I’ll share some of the things that I learned, and trust me, it was valuable!  I was like a sponge.  My eyes were starry.  Horror/paranormal/fantasy writers.  Ahhhh.

Also, this week I have that official call that I’d like to make.  I think it will benefit all of us, because it will satiate my curiosity and love of all things mysterious, and it will be one more place to pimp your work.  And most of all, it will be fun.  🙂

Also also…wait, what?  Why is there a KillerCon logo AND a HWA logo?  OH NO, if you’re a fan of Matt Betts. (Although I, too, am a fan of Matt Betts.)  But YES OH YES if you’re a fan of Mercedes!  Shroud Publishing accepted three of my poems for the Terror of Miskatonic Falls anthology.  They should qualify for HWA.  I need to do a tally soon, and see where I stand.  Oh, sure, Matt has a chapbook out.  But I’m prettier.

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  1. Congratulations! And bah humbug. I talked to the guys at Shroud during Context and specifically told them to axe any subs you sent their way. I’ll have to investigate.

    Killercon sounds awesome!

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