Putting Life Back In Order


Why, greetings, family.  I haven’t seen you in a long time.  How are you?  Lovely.

I spent today cleaning house, in both the writing world and Real Life.  I’ve been MIA because of KillerCon, so I had to reassemble the house a little bit.  While I was at it, I returned emails and neatened things up on the computer.  I sat down to write a post about something that I’ve been pondering lately, but I realize that my eyes are crossing.  It will have to wait until tomorrow.  I’m also hoping to catch up on some blogs then.  I’m out of the loop.

HWA stats:  I’m short.  Dagnabbit!  I have seven fiction pieces that I think are eligible, but since I write flash, my word count is pretty low.  It’s 5,279 words, and I need 7,500 words.

I also have six poems, but I need ten.  I suppose that I’d better get to work. 


Google History: michael whelan cover art, aladdin casino, bahamas air, piano tuners vegas, aeroflot nosebleeds, sociopath vs psychopath, chocolate pocky yum!

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