Running Through the Mojave…Part 2


Like it wasn’t hard enough the first time!  (Heat exhaustion, throwing up on the course, longing to die for days afterwards.)  And that was only a 5k!  (True, it was in the heat of the day.  “Running With The Devil” indeed.)  But I’m going to be running my very first half marathon on Halloween morning. Where, you ask?  Through the Mojave and past the Hoover Dam.  Check The Calico Racing site for a more in-depth description.

Can I run 13 miles?  No.  Of course I’ll train for it, but the truth is that I’ll fall shamefully short of being adequate.  I’ll be walking a pretty hefty percentage of that race.  But I don’t mind.  It will give me time to think.  It will keep me from falling back.

I wouldn’t consider myself an overachiever, but I like to do things well.  For years my husband ran races and I didn’t sign up because I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole thing.  He finally said, “Who cares?”  That changed a lot for me.  I also realized that if I struggle to run three miles, I should sign up for a six mile race.  Then the three doesn’t seem so bad.  Now that I’m struggling with six, I signed up for a 13 mile race.  Six will seem like cake after this.  It doesn’t matter if it’s running, writing, or just life in general, because this rule still applies, at least for me. Shoot exceedingly high.  Then you’ll be pretty happy wherever you end up.

Thanks to everybody who is down with the Mask thing.  (Confused?  Read the post below this one.)  I’ll start posting them once a week starting shortly after Halloween.  That gives us time to be mask ready, and also gives me time to recuperate after the race.  I think we’ll all need it.

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  1. You’re related posts thing hijacked my click and took me far away, and I almost couldn’t find my way back.

    Anyway. Good luck with that run. I admire your ambition.

  2. Cate, I’ll be walking it. So…expect me to come in by nightfall. 😛

    Me too, Nisa! It would be so fun.

    Ray, and you can admire my blisters afterwards. No, it’s overshooting, I know, but it seems to work out well for me.

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