SFWA, Here I Come!

Silver Wire


I made these horns last year for Halloween, and then I forgot to wear them.  First I sculpted them, which was fairly easy.  The only part that was remotely trixy was getting them to match each other.  Then I baked them, painted them purple with silver highlights, attached them to the headband, and practiced wire-wrapping in silver.  I’m quite pleased with them!  I also made a silver pair, but they’re a little more pointy and in your face.  These are my favorite.

This was also when my hair was red.  I love love LOVED it, but it faded extremely quickly and upkeep was a bear.  Dying your hair every two weeks?  Super lame.  Plus my husband hated it, and it’s important not to be the object of your spouse’s abject loathing.  So black I went.

“The Container of Sorrows” qualifies me to be an Associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America!  I’m quite excited about this.  I’m about 2/3 of the way toward being an Active member, and that’s my ultimate goal.  After a few things go through, I’ll be able to fill out the application form and hopefully join.  Super sweet!

Pieces out: 28

Goal: 40

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  1. Congratulations.

    I dye mine every 6 weeks or so – usually a boring very dark brown – as close to black as I can get without washing out my skin. I’ve tried red, but it never seems to work on my hair and I end up having to stand under lights to prove there is a red cast to it.

  2. Congratulations, that’s huge!

    I used to dye my hair a pretty virulent red– though I only went fire-engine once, and that was with streaks– and it was disheartening how often I had to refresh it. I’ve since given up and gone back to my boring dishwater blond, but I still love it on other people.

    Those horns are amazing! I bought a pair kind of like that at a renn fest once. I need to make my next one…

  3. Aw, Cate, then you need to bleach your hair out first. The lighter your hair is, the more vibrant the red. If your hair is dark, then you’ll just get the highlights.

    Expect a knock on your door and a violent, surreptitious hair dyeing! >:)

    Thanks, Damon and Aaron! I’m excited. I also need to check my HWA stuff and see if I’ve trampled Matt Betts or not, yet.

    Katey! “Disheartening” is the perfect word! I’m amazed at how quickly it fades, especially in the sun. So red hair in Las Vegas? Yeah.

    You should totally make these horns! Do you know how? If not, I could do a tutorial. I need to make a black pair for my friend Xmolder, anyway. I’ve been putting it off…oh, for a year. 😉

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