Sheesh. That’s all I can say. Sheesh.  Why do I have a mental block about Wednesdays?  Wednesdays used to be America’s Next Top Model and Pizza Night.  (Hey, those girls can’t eat, but I sure can!) But now that we’re between seasons, Wednesday has become the unmemorable middle child.

Sucks to be you, Wednesday.

Anyway!  My main focus this week is to edit the very first novel that I wrote.  I need to throw in a few extra details (hello, the characters need jobs!  And last names!) and rip a thing or two out.  I also need to decide whether or not the prologue is really necessary, since I abhor them bitterly, but I can’t seem to get  rid of this one.  I’d like to have this story in the Wombat Call Center’s inbox by Tuesday, where Head Wombat will print out a copy to pass it around.  Then all of the other little wombats will chant over it, spill drinks on it, and shred the thing.

Am I nervous?  I’m nervous.  It’s my baby.  It’s my Very First Novel, and a Very First Novel is an important thing.  But it was also an experiment, and I learned a lot.  In fact, I may have overcompensated in my third novel because I start out with the main character’s job, and she is always calling her boy-toy…er, the male main character by both his first and last name.  Rock on.

I can do it!  Yeah!  Woo!!!

…and the psyching myself up might not be working, but by golly, I’ll psych until I can’t psych no more!!

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  1. I’m not even sure where my first novel is (okay, actually, I’m quite sure it’s in a landfill somewhere, where it belongs). Then again, I wrote it when I was in middle school. 🙂 Good luck with your edits!

  2. And it was the best ever. There were car chases and everything. Oh, hang on, that was a rerun of Starsky and Hutch.

    Surely you don’t watch America’s Top Model? You don’t deserve a NT T-shirt then… 🙂

  3. I have it on good repute that the head wombat will see you now.
    er… your sacrifice, he will see your sacrifice–I mean… the manuscript.
    Did I say sacrifice? No, no, that is reserved for the cookies.


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