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Thanks for all of your support, everybody!  We started Baby Girl on seizure meds tonight, and we’re also doing an EKG and an MRI soon.  My son is also lined up to do a EKG and MRI, for a completely unrelated reason.  I made some little quip about just throwing them both in the machines together to save time and money, and boy, did that fall flat.  Some medical personnel have no sense of humor. 

As for the News of the Writing World:  Saturday was apparently a double header for me, and I missed them both.  (Whoops!)  Tweet the Meat ran two of my tweets, one on Friday and another one on Saturday.  You have to go down a bit on their Twitter feed, but they’re there.  Also, my poem “cuz everybody loves a briskly burning fire” went up Saturday at Dog Oil Press.  I totally dig that poem.  Also, Dog Oil Press rocks because these insane stories and poems run on this baby shower background.  It’s awesome.

Still without an idea for NaNoWriMo, but I’m not concerned yet.  I’m musing about this and that.  A story about loss?  A ghost story?  Another murder story?  Something of beauty?  Decisions, delightful, delightful decisions.  A wonderful predicament, indeed.

Thanks again for your concern and well-wishes.  Crazy stuff like this happens to all of us.  It feels like we’re all alone, but we aren’t.  I am astounded at how many people have told me that they understand the worry and concern.  You know what happens when adversity rears its ugly head and roars at you?  You stand up even straighter and roar back.  We can do this.  Go Team Yardley.  Now break.

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  1. You know that is exactally what I have found from most people is everybody, well almost everybody except those little brats who can and never done anything wrong folks those frontrower’s(sp). Anyhow we found that when you get aproblem it is just amazing to hear how many people went through it and how they got through it. IT’s awesome. ROAR.

  2. “You know what happens when adversity rears its ugly head and roars at you? You stand up even straighter and roar back.”

    This is cool as hell, and I get a good visual of you doing this. You’re also making a certain gesture with both hands.

  3. With that attitude, I think you’ll all come through just fine–with opera-singer voices from roaring. (I saw Where the Wild Things Are this weekend, so I imagine you all jumping around on the edge of the sea, roaring joyfully!)

  4. “Some medical personnel have no sense of humor.”

    I got into a car accident while in England (thanks, drunk driving turd), and I got pretty messed up. I learned that even in pain and thinking death is imminent, I’m still a goofball.

    They had me naked on a table. (The strangest part of that process was that they cut off my shirt and pants, then pulled my underwear off like normal. So weird.) Then they wanted me to pee in this contained. So I did, and it came out bloody, just solid red. Most people would scream. I shouted, “Heeeeeey Kool-Aid!”

    No one laughed.

    Then the doctor had to check my butt-hole. Not sure why, but I got fingered. While he was down there, face not far from the Hole of Doom, I reach down with my own finger, and go, “Pull my finger.”

    No one laughed. Uptight fuckers.

    Anyway, things will work themselves out, Mercedes. Just keep smiling, especially when the kids are around.

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