Las Vegas 2009 Zombie Walk Pictures

This is what a zombie invasion looks like. Zombies like neon light.A Zombie hoard attacks Fremont St

This little Wombat is bait.  I’m the stripey girl on the left.  Braaaaains! Bait! I'm on the left.

The very funny and very scary John Skipp.  His ZOMBIES book is fantastic!

John Skipp and Zombies


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  1. Alan, if you swing by Vegas, there are a lot of awesome things to see! Like a waterslide that sends you shooting through a shark tank.

    Ha, BT! It’s the first time that my typical red-eye camera look has worked for me.

    Come play, Becca! 😀

  2. We have one of these in Melbourne… only, there’s usually police everywhere, and it has to be done during the day.
    Vegas is amazing! At night, and SO many people, it looks fantastic!
    Good work on your creepiness, by the way.

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