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I have a twit fic up at Nanoism! Just in time for Punctuation Day! Is there really such a thing as Punctuation Day? Apparently so, because everybody and their dog tweeted to me about it.

You can read my not-so-nice tweet here.

Today I’m scouting around for fun little projects to work on.  I’m giving Big Man Ben a break until tonight.  My goal is to have it written by Tuesday, and then the Elusive Illiterati can descend on it and whip it into shape by the end of the month.  I have a pretty, pretty market that I’d like to submit it to.  My submissions count is abysmal, and since I won’t be subbing much in November (NaNoWriMo!) I need to up it before then.


Pieces out: 22

Goal: 40

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  1. I loved that little twit fic–I read it when it was posted but didn’t realize it was yours.

    I’m awed that you have 22 subs out. I’m not sure if I’ve even written 22 stories in my whole life, much less had them all out at once.

  2. Yes, but I write a lot of tweet fic and ultra shorts. It’s easy to have a lot of subs out if they’re quite short. When it comes to the longer short stories and poems? There aren’t as many.

    Yesterday I sent out 11 tweet fic and ultra short subs. I enjoy them and they let of literary steam while I work on the other pieces. But now that I’m going for higher markets and longer stories, it’s difficult to keep my count high.

  3. Another Nano person! Its my first year doing Nano so I’m a bit excited… I’ve been trying to clear up my to do writing list before November. Well see if that works

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