Score A Partial Request! Closes In 24 Hours.

So I love Twitter.  Looooove it!  Not only can you connect with people that you’d never run across otherwise (one individual and I have an entire conversation going on using only Meat Loaf lyrics!) but the information flies fast and it flies freely.

I just found thisSend in the first 250 words of your completed novel, agree to critique five other entries, and the winner get a partial or full request from a Super Secret Agent!  This closes in 24 hours or after the first 50 entries.  Chop chop!

I’m @mercedesmy on Twitter, btw.  Let’s follow each other.  🙂


Google history: world war z, paranormal activity, hi my name is slim shady lyrics, john skipp mumbo’s brain, school district observation rules, zombie makeup, liquid latex, anne frank video footage, octopus

9 Comments on “Score A Partial Request! Closes In 24 Hours.”

  1. I had meat loaf for dinner…

    Oh. The singer.

    You know, Miley Cyrus quit twitter. True story. Posted her “quit” via Youtube. Something ironic in that.

  2. I was never fond of meat loaf, or Meatloaf. Then again, I’ve no tase 🙂

    Is Miss Snark back in web circulation then, or is that an in joke of some sort?

  3. Taste… no taste…

    why can’t you edit these things? If I’m not careful, I shall have to watch what I’m typing…

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