The Zombie Walk

The Zombie Walk was AWESOME.  I was a little girl zombie with a possessed teddy bear…that was actually so convincing that I threw it away at The Plaza.  Scary, scary thing.  

I wasn’t there by myself, either.  Jeremy D. Brooks, master of all things gory and prop-like, couldn’t make it because he was doing something just as awesome.  But I snagged a wombat or two, and they ran around, taking pictures, video, and constantly being attacked by hordes of brain-eaters.  Since my camera turned out nary a pic, I’ll be relying on their kindness (and camera) in order to show you what it was like first hand.  There’s a picture of me biting John Skipp’s finger that I hope turned out.  He was delicious, a delightful combination of soap and bloody corn syrup.

Speaking of Skipp, I just bought a copy of his Zombies: Encounters of the Hungry Dead.  Actually, that isn’t the truth, because Skipp was selling them out of the Las Vegas Country Saloon, and Girlie Wombat and I had left our ID’s in our respective diaper bags.  (I know!  Lame, right?)  And since zombies don’t shamble down the street with diaper bags, I couldn’t get in to buy the book, so Mason had to do it.  Thank you, M, for your rather majestic score!  He even had the books signed for me, and that just rocked.  Anyway, check out Skipp’s book, which is gloriously hefty and packed full of great names.  I’m looking forward to reading it.

The best part of the evening?  A handful of us descended en masse on an Elvis impersonator, who didn’t crack a smile and threatened to call security.  Seriously?  You’re dressed up as Elvis, and you don’t have a sense of humor?  Elvis is the most famous zombie of all!

Also, my story “Flat, Flat World” went up at Silverthought Online this morning.  This story is one of my first foray’s into that quiet, misty voice that I now comfortably fall into.  You can read it here.  I actually feel a little bit shy about it.  Who would have thought?

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  1. So very sad I missed this.

    Seriously, when we were in Vegas, the Elvis we encountered had absolutely no sense of humor either. Terrible.

    Aw dang, Zombies. Don’t make me use my karate on you!

  2. I really must partake of a zombie walk in the near future before my knees stop me from walking any further than the driveway. Glad you had fun – need photos to allow me to live vicariously…

    Loved the story. I’m thinking I’m missing a gene or something – you and Cate both write such wonderous things that just don’t come from normal minds (I mean this in only the best possible way).

  3. Zombie pictures coming soon.
    I may have captured the Elvis zombie attack on film. I’ll try sorting through the grisly footage.

    Sorry your camera hates me. I tried willing it to take proper pictures… but I’ve not leveled up to controlling electronic devices by sheer mental focus.

    and your teddy bear was evil, from-the-pit-itself, evil.

    Lead Wombat Mason, over and out

  4. Was he joking around or really being a hunka hunka burnin’ prick? So lame…you can’t dress up like a clown and reasonably expect everybody to adhere to only your little version of playtime. Playtime is for all. Dammit.

  5. Elvis was really, truly bitter! It was the most hilarious thing ever. Because apparently I enjoy the discomfort of others.

    Sorry about the camera, M! It’s just old and lame and hates all of us.

  6. Woohoo, zombie walk!

    I meant to say this the other day when I read the story, but I thought it was really lovely. Reading it is a little like listening to a song, it’s so lyrical. The images and sensations are communicated so prettily.

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