Happy Days Are Here Again

H-h-h-hit the ground running, folks!  Last night I raised my word count to 1468.  This still leaves me behind, but it’s a beautiful start.  I was planning my story out in my head, and I think it’s going to take a darker turn than I originally thought, but I’m all for it.  Man, I love writing.  Love it, love it!  I was trying to explain the thrill to somebody the other day.  How it’s a high, how it’s so incredibly frustrating, but when you break through the wall, you just fly.

In other news, my husband just informed me that John Wayne Gacy Jr. was obsessed with Disney’s The Seven Dwarfs.  Did I know this, he asked.  No.  No, I did not, but a quick Google search of “John Wayne Gacy Seven Dwarfs” leads me to believe that it is true.  He painted several pictures of them.  You learn something new every day, and today I learned that not only was he a serial killer and severely disturbed professional clown, but JWG Jr. was also a copyright infringer.

NaNo on, my friends.

Google history: john wayne gacy seven dwarfs, drink life as it comes straight no chaser, inordinately, beautiful fool dress, raja neurologist, north african shark diving, australia cage diving, red king’s dream, passport for the bahamas

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  1. “How it’s a high, how it’s so incredibly frustrating . . .” Amen to that.

    Good luck NaNoing.

  2. I can understand and maybe even sympathize with mass murder. But I draw the line at copyright infringement.

  3. Good on you for breaking through with NaNo.

    Are you up for a friendly challenge? Wanna see who can write more words by 10 p.m. EST Sunday? I’m only at 996 right now…

  4. Good luck on Nano. Yeah, I totally chickened out. Did JWG paint those pictures in blood? There’s a short story there, you know.

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