Radio Silence

This is my new obsession.  This shoe, right here.  Unfortunately, I can only find one pair for sale in the entire WORLD, and I’m not in the habit of sending forth messengers to pick up my shoes from Australia.  Then again, maybe it can be my reward for winning NaNo (I’m going to finish, oh yes I am!) doing some heavy duty revisions on my novel, and surviving the holidays without eating myself into a coma. 

I haven’t been posting because I, like everybody else in the blogosphere, have been busy.  BUSY.  I’m nearly caught up with NaNoWriMo, which pleases me to no end.  We’ve been working hard on Shock Totem (We’re closing for the month of December in order to put the next issue together, so hurry and get your submissions in now!) and then there’s something called, oh, I don’t know, Real Life.  Real Life has been going pretty well, too.  But Thanksgiving has thrown itself into the mix, and I have to say that I’m pretty resentful.  Although I am thankful for a lot of things, Thanksgiving has earned itself the reputation of being one of the worst. holidays. ever.  For example, I need to get off the computer and throw stuff into the car so that we can endure…er, enjoy an eleven hour road trip to join our family.  I have fantastic in-laws, but nobody wants to spend that long in a vehicle.  With small children.

Maybe I deserve those shoes after all.

Happy NaNoing and happy Thanksgiving, all!  I’ll check in later. I miss reading everybody’s blogs.  I’m excited to catch up in December.


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  1. You go girl! Treat yourself to a pair (if you finish NaNo). I notice that you are also at the 35K mark…hmm, perhaps I will shop for shoes as well should I complete the NaNo. I have the upper hand, I think, because Thanksgiving is long past in Canada. Keep going, Mercedes!

  2. Hey – my sister lives in Australia…near Sydney. Maybe she could help you out.

    Congrats on the NaNo’ing!!!!! I’m stinking at the moment and haven’t written a single word since our write-off. Slacker.

  3. Where in Australia are these shoes? I may go buy them and hold them as hostage until the week is done. If you’re not at 50K by the 30th–the shoes get it!

  4. OMG! Yes, agree w/everyone else. You totally deserve those shoes. Don’t think, just buy! Buy! BUY!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving & congratulations on completing NaNo!

  5. Oh, you guys make me happy. It’s awesome to hang out in my hotel room and read your comments.

    Damien-You beautiful, lovely thing, they’re too big for you. But I saw them in pink. Do you like pink?

    Alan, let’s do it! Finish finish, win win win!

    Cate, nothing would make her happier.

    K.M. So…if I finish NaNo this week and you don’t, am I off the hook for singing you a song? >:)

    Aaron, they’re screaming in sheer joy!

    Natalie, let’s loathe it together. It isn’t the holiday, it’s just that rotten things always seem to happen during this particular week. Every year. Relentlessly.

    BT, I like you more and more. I’m especially enchanted by the idea of you waltzing into a store and asking to buy these shoes. You’ll get some looks.

    Danielle, I find you to be very, very wise!

    catie, can I show up on your doorstep when I’m totally poor from buy/buy/BUYING shoes?!

    Thanks, 7. 🙂

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