Surprised and Delighted

I was surprised twice this week.  The first surprise was when the wonderful K.M. Walton challenged me to a friendly NaNoWriMo contest this weekend.  We were both struggling with our word counts. You guys know how I feel about challenges.  My antennas quiver and I drop everything in order to win.  (Right, Mason? Right, Kurt? Right, Matt?

Except that I didn’t.  I totally lost.  And not only did I lose, but I lost pretty miserably.  My current word count right now is less than four grand.  Wait, what?  How could this happen?!  I hate to lose!  Except that I don’t mind losing to Kate, because she’s just awesome.  Come on, she thinks that Bit-O-Honeys blow, just like I do!  So stayed tune for an audio file of me singing a K. M. Walton song.  Heaven forbid.  Run, my friends, run.  Run far and run fast.  SAVE YOURSELVES!!

Then my friend John shot me an email saying that my story The Exquisite Beauty of Death was up at 52 Stitches.  I’ve been so busy that it completely slipped my mind.  Yay for 52 Stitches!  The girlie character in that story was one that had been in my mind for quite a while, but I wasn’t sure where to put her.  She may show up somewhere else one day, the sweet thing.  Anyway, pop by and give it a read if you have the time!

Also, tomorrow I’ll post a picture of my new Rock and Roll haircut that I obtained along with my stabby stabbed eye area.  (Which is fine, by the way.  Thanks for the concern!)  It’s not bad, per se.  The above mentioned John said that it reminded him of Siouxie Sioux.  Google that and you’ll get a general idea.  😉

Weep for me.

Words that I can’t spell: etiquette, maintenance, aluminum, dialogue

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  1. You forgot Colleague. 😉

    And yea for 52 stitches and surprise lilies too!

    And what? You can sing! Nobody needs to run for their lives. 😛

  2. You called me awesome?!?! Well…that’s just…awesome. I’m humbled and totally smiling like a lunatic.

    Anytime you’re up for another writing challenge, well Ms. M, so am I…

  3. Wonderful story! I loved the imagery, although it is disconcerting that you were stabby stabbed in (well, near) the eye just before the story ran. There is no coincidence! It’s life imitating art! 🙂

  4. Yeah, Carrie, but you have a thing for people with weird hair. Richard Simmons, anyone? 😉

    You are welcome, Barry. I find that “stabby stabbed” can make any dinner conversation screech to a halt.

    Cate, I’m not familiar with the British pronunciation. Google is my friend!

    Thank you, Alan! You just like it because his name is Allen. 😛

    Nisa- Oh yeah! Definitely “colleagues”. I used to struggle with “definitely”, too. And “business”, but you’re the one who taught me how to remember that.

    K.M. You’re totally awesome! And as to more challenges…be wary. You know not what you offer! >:)

    Natalie, we should form a club!

    Ray will now play the part of my self-esteem.

    Matt…yes. Yes, I did. Yes, I do. It will be sabres at dawn.

    K.C. Haha! I hadn’t even realized that! That’s (awful) and awesome!

  5. Okay…let me set this straight.

    SIOUXSIE SIOUX is awesoem as was her hair.

    BIT O’HONEY is my favorite candy…for real.

    I just died a little inside.:(

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