An Artistic Date

I’m a writer, but that doesn’t define me.  I do other things, too. I roller skate.  I jump on the trampoline. I play video games (my current obsession is Shadow Hearts: Covenant), and, oh yeah, I’m a wife and mother, too.  Too much of one thing is unbalanced.  All work and no play makes Mercedes a dull girl.

NaNo was all work and no play. November passed by in a blur of work-related, familial, and social obligations.  But December?  Ah, December!  December is my playground.

I’m burnt out on writing for today, I think.  I need to step back and get some perspective. Today is going to be full of fun things, like wrapping Christmas presents and making sachets out of my man-eating lavender.  You may think I’m kidding, but it has decided that it owns the Yardley house, and it wraps its stems around my leg while I’m standing on the porch.  I think it wants to be dried and given as gifts, or scattered on top of a pretty cake. There is more to life than scowling at a computer, and today is the perfect day to enjoy it.  Not to mention that the relaxation stimulates creativity.

So is today a work day or a play day for you?  What are you going to do?

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  1. Work work work. Day job until about 4, then my wife’s work holiday party, which is kind of like work too, except they won’t pay me and may even give me a glass of wine or two. Then back home for writing work.

  2. Friday’s are always a work day. Unless it’s the day after Thanksgiving. Or I’ve taken the day off from work (which happens once or twice a year). Or a major national holiday happens to fall on a Friday or (if my boss is feeling pleasant) a Thursday. All work and no… ach, never mind.

    On the plus side, it’s the weekend tomorrow. So I get to work. At home. On the house. Huh. I think I’m sad now.

    Do enjoy December though, good lady.

  3. Play day: I told Ying my synopsis for SOUL JERY (for me that is fun), took a break from writing, and had a FANTASTIC Japanese meal for dinner : )

    PS: I would like to learn to make fudge, as I think it would make a good gift. Have you ever made it, and is it hard?

  4. Well normally I’m all work-work-work and exceedingly dull. I tried roller skating in the 70s and found my legs don’t cooperate well with wheels, I do look with envy at trampolines but I’m convinced I’ll rip a whole in them, and I’ve never progressed beyond Space Invaders, but I will be taking today off… It’s going to be carousels, Christmas trees, a grotto, some penguins, a short Christmas Film and perhaps a ride on a big wheel.

  5. Today I shall be recovering, reading and doing the washing. Not a whole heap of fun there but all things that need to be done.

    The light at the end of the tunnel is only days away though so fun times are a comin’


  6. Neither for me. I have a mild cold so I’m basically lying around feeling sorry for myself. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow in time for work, bleah.

  7. Hello, I followed the author-bio link to your blog from “With Painted Words” after reading Ephemerality. It was so deliciously creepy in a way that didn’t fully hit until after I’d finished taking it all in, and then I looked at who the author was and thought “well no wonder”! Your work is so lovely.

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