Chestnuts Roasting…

When I think of Christmases past, I do remember some of the presents (I went nuts over Maniac Mansion one year.  Rock on NES!), but mostly I think of the things that we did.  Mom would have us write a list of ten Christmas activities that we wanted to do as a family, and we’d hit as many as possible.  It’s something that I’d like to pass on to my kids.  Here’s my ten activities for this year:

1. Make holiday cookies for the neighbors

2. Drive around and look at Christmas lights (or “yights”, as my tiny daughter calls them)

3. Make Christmas cards

4. Play Christmas songs on the piano

5. Watch Babes in Toyland

6. Decorate the  tree

7. Go caroling

8. Have a present wrapping party

9. Decorate the house while listening to holiday music

10. Make homemade hot chocolate with candy canes

Today we decorated. which was a lot of fun.  For those of you who celebrate the holidays, do you have the seasonal spirit? How do you get into it?

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  1. Later today I’ll be making Christmas Crackers. I put numbers (relating to parcels) and clues as to what’s inside the parcels inside the crackers and if the recipient guesses correctly they get the parcel (which will contain chocs, bath treats, toys etc etc etc) and if they don’t, they still get the parcel but they have to sing us a Christmas carol or tell us a joke.

    Re no. 9, one should always listen to Christmas music while decorating the house.

  2. We have decorated, wrapped presents, made chex mix and watched White Christmas. We also go through the kids’ toys every year and they decide which ones will go to charity, salvation army out here, and which they’ll be keeping. This Saturday, we’ll make sugar cookies and take them to our neighbors.

    I love your list! Sure wish I was in our hometown right now. They’re at 6in of snow already this morning!!

  3. Natalie- I am NUTS about candy canes! We used to always get a giant one in our stockings as kids, and I’d try and steal my brother’s, too. Do you make homemade hot chocolate?

    Cate-you constantly amaze me with the super creative things that you do. Perhaps it’s best if I don’t meet you in person because I’d explode with glee.

    Alan-For some reason, I wasn’t allowed to watch The Christmas Story. I still haven’t seen it!

    Nisa-Bet the DK looks fantastic right now. Dad was going to let me ride his motorcycle at home this year, but with that much ice and snow (and my inexperience), it’s probably not that good of an idea. Hmmm.

  4. I’m a modern day Scrooge when it comes to the holidays—I’ll even include the, “Bah, Humbug!” retort from time to time. 😉

    It’s amusing though, my family says I’ve ALWAYS disliked the holidays, but especially Christmas.

  5. I am a lazy shit. I use powder (don’t hit me), but usually we go out to BORDERS and have a professional do it. Hot drink hookers, I call them. This year I shall somewhat redeem myself by trying to make fudge!

  6. I love to watch Christmas Vacation every year, I’ve started baking in the last few years (only at Christmas though), I actually like listening to Christmas Carols and I drive around to look at the Christmas lights as well.

  7. I really love your mom’s Christmas to do list. See, I’m a certified list maker, so that spoke to me, like, list-maker to list-maker.

    Yeah, I’m gonna make a Christmas to to list for my family now.

    Bing Crosby’s White Christmas album is and always has been what get’s me into Christmas. That and Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas. Love it.

  8. Aaron Polson your candy cane trick sounds delicious!
    Looking at your list of Christmas things, I feel a bit guilty – my Christmasses are nowhere near this wholesome!
    Mine involve avoiding my biological family and spending time with my partner’s family which includes a 4 year old who makes Christmas feel a bit fun again… And it’s Australian Christmas, so there’s lots of beer instead of hot chocolate, and prawns and cold meats where roasted ones should be…
    I guess Christmasses are OK. I enjoy Australia Day better though!

  9. Shad-You, Scrooge? No. Tell me it ain’t so. 😉

    Natalie-Dude, professional hot chocolate rocks. But I’m a cheapskate, seriously. I can make it myself for nothing.

    Aaron-Delicious! Do you leave it flat in the pan and crack it, or use it to coat pretzels or something?

    Danielle-I’m such a sucker for lights. Seriously. What do you bake?

    K.M-It’s not that we grew up poor, because we didn’t, but we didn’t have as much money as a lot of people around us. This way we focused on activities instead of presents. And I do better when I make lists, but I have a hard time being that organized. It’s a struggle.

    Littlegirl-Wholesome, thy name is Mercedes! Fear not, though! We have ample dysfunction.

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