Refreshing Rollercoasters

I love, love LOVE that somebody saw this chair and thought of me.  People rock.

I spent the last few days in Newport Beach and Anaheim, California.  I was meant to live by the water, and it sustains me.  I felt myself grow and thrive there, and I’m rejuvenated enough to come back to the desert.  What is even more important is that my creative tank is full.  My husband and I were strolling arm in arm through Disneyland when I suddenly I faced him and shouted, “My gosh, I know how to fix my Work In Progress! And when I’m finished with that first story, I know how to fix the second one! It just came to me!” He said, “Shall we ride the Matterhorn?” I said, “Yes,” and a good time was had by all.  Tomorrow I plan to hit the ground running.

Speaking of running, I signed up for a Seattle’s Rock and Roll half marathon in June.  I plan to run the entire thing, so I’ll have to do some serious training.  Which is great, because I get a lot of my ideas while I run.

I needed a break.  I feel refreshed.  Writing is exciting, and I can hardly wait to start again. When you’re tapped out, how do you refresh yourself?

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  1. That’s a good question. I don’t have any one particular refresher: what works in one slum might exacerbate another. Making time for movies and/or books usually helps.

  2. yay for you! smack those WIP’s into place!
    As for refreshing myself… music. As in, making music. There is nothing like creating harmonius, wild, careening noise straight from my soul.

    That and the ocean. Which I don’t see enough of. boo.

    the wombat prince

  3. The mountains refresh me. I grew up next to the ocean for a while, but this tame mid-Atlantic shore bores me. Give me the North Sea or the Oregon coast, thanks. Hills and waves. Yup.

  4. I’m sure you’ll be shocked, but large bodies of water refresh me as well. Even just hanging out by the river seems to get me going, something about the flow of the water bringing new things and such.

    My son can somehow both drain and refresh me. He’s a handful to chase around and play with, but just watching him learn and figure things out on his own, really make me feel creative as well.

  5. Natalie, books definitely make me feel more creative. And whimsical movies. Labyrinth, anyone?

    My dear Wombat Prince- Sheesh, it’s totally time that I descend upon the lair in full majestic fury! This week?

    Nisa-Call me!

    Simon L- Mountains and waves? Watch it…your Scottish is showing. 🙂

    Matt, you can’t have water. It’s mine. Don’t make me start a slapping match here!

    Aaron, which collections?

    Cate, a bath used to work for me, too, but now I just sit there and think about how I need to clean it. 😛

    Alan, I’m extremely jealous. Take a little drive out there so that I can live vicariously, would you?

  6. Come on! You can have the ocean and I’ll take rivers. Jeez! The Earth is mostly water and you’re trying to claim all of it? Wow.

    As for the slapfight, flights are incredibly cheap to Vegas.

    I’m just sayin.

  7. Danielle, isn’t that chair awesome?! Ladylike and lethal. It’s tattooed leather.

    Matt, the oceans all flow into the rivers. You know this. Mine mine mineminemine. I could slapfight beat you down any day.

  8. Hiking refreshes me, or just wandering around in the woods and hills. The ocean works too, but it’s a ten-hour drive to the nearest beach, so I mostly just do the hills. 🙂

    I love that chair too! And that’s awesome about figuring out your WIP!

  9. I think the chair is missing something. Although, it is a beautifully crafted and of an elegant design. But, as for portraying an aspect of you, it does miss the mark.

    Or maybe I’m wrong.

    Talk to you soon.

  10. That chair is fantastic. Even more fabulous for being tattooed leather!
    My refresher involves live music, lots of it, too close to the speakers.
    Or, just spending time watching other writers talk. There’s always some sort of insight there.

  11. For me, it’s the forest and the rain. One day I’m going to build a little glassed-in writing booth in the woods behind my house.

    (Your snow freaked me out, fyi)

  12. K.C, I love hiking! I haven’t been out in a long time. I like hiking through the woods better than the desert. Lovely.

    Yeah, Shad? What would you suggest instead?

    Natalie-I KNOW!!!

    Littlegirl-Are you part of a writer’s group? Mine is fascinating when they get going. They feed the psyche.

    Ray- The snow seems to disturb a lot of people. I like it. 🙂

  13. I am not part of a writer’s group – but, living in a “city of literature” I intend on finding one… A brand new “centre for books writing and ideas” has JUST opened up and it’s oh-so-exciting with no shortage of networking opportunities! 🙂

  14. See, I think I might be acting too picky on this, but it should have something ‘mystical’ in it to really fit you. Something that is imaginative as well as grim. This is pure grim (although, a very beautiful grim). I don’t know what you could add to it, or adjust in it, that would make it more you. That’d be something for you to figure out, wouldn’t it?

    That’s what I think, anyhow.

  15. Hmm, Shad. What if I wear a white dress and ribbons in my hair, sit on the chair, and it levitates?

    Are you in chat lately? If so, I’ll stop in and say hi soon. 🙂

  16. haha. That might work, but there has to be pictures.

    No, I was referring to something… like a playful grim. What I mean is that with you, in reading your works, it isn’t straightforward depressing or troubling. It has this playful air about it with a fully noticeable but, not in your face, grim nature.

    I am. Wow. It’s been two days since you responded? Where have I been? Yes, I’ve been on chat and I should also click the box that says, “Notify me…”

    Talk to you soon.

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