“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” features Azrael Paul Damien

Azrael Paul Damien was born and raised in Paradise Valley, Montana, and lived in Los Angeles, California during his teenage years. He always had a love for story telling and, from a very early age, made up campfire stories to scare and intrigue his friends. His first published work was a poem, “Ode To Death” which he wrote at the age of 13. Though the poem was well received, he decided not to continue in the path of the poet, and after high school, left his writing dreams behind for other pursuits. It wasn’t until eight years later, when a friend convinced him to write down one of his stories, that he returned to writing seriously. That story became what is now the novel “Convict Grade”. 

You can pick up a copy of Convict Grade here.

4 Comments on ““Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” features Azrael Paul Damien”

  1. So a little about Azrael. I met him at KillerCon, and he’s even more interesting in person than he is in a mask. Also, I had never seen a person in fangs eat a cookie before. It was delightful.

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