“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Starts on Friday!

So guess what? The Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks series will begin running this Friday! I’m pretty psyched. Thanks to everybody who sent in awesome, sexy pictures of yourself. They’re great.

I’ll run a new pic and blurb every Friday for as long as I have material. If anybody is interested (and yes, I mean you) feel free to read up on the requirements here . Basically the requirements are to rock and keep it clean.

Yay! It is very, very fun to see a different side of you as authors. Thanks for that.

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  1. Oh, very interesting, good lady. I’ll have to see if I can dream something up for that. Till, then, I’ll look forward to the first post!

  2. Simon-Oh, please do it! That would be a lot of fun. 😀

    Nisa-Thanks. Thanks for your pic, too. You look like the opera singer that you are.

    Natalie-That SO doesn’t surprise me. Delights me, sure, but surprise? Nah. 😉

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