Oh No She Didn’t.

Oh yes I did.  Remember these colorful pajamas?  Well, I didn’t retire them as a wise woman would.  I am wearing them. ALL DAY LONG. They are soft and made of fleece and it’s cold and rainy today.  Now I’m afraid that my neighbors will suddenly decide to be friendly and my reputation will be shot.

And I would deserve that.

So a friend and I were discussion Killer Con the other day.  It’s a multi-genre writer’s conference that will take place here in Vegas.  Last year was it’s first year, so it was a fairly intimate group, and I really had a good time.  If you book your reservation before the end of January, the cost is only $99.99.   And it’s Vegas.  VEGAS.  Why not fly out and let me stalk you in person?  That could be so much more fun!

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12 Comments on “Oh No She Didn’t.”

  1. Nisa- I’d fly out THERE if I could! Awesome!

    KC- Ha, aggressively cheerful. I like that. “Have a great day, dagnabbit!!”

    Aaron- Yeah, you should see what they do to my hair.

    Cate- No supermarket, but I did pull through a drive-through wearing them. The guy wisely said nothing.

  2. My wife is currently sitting in our kitchen, reading a book, wearing giant onesy pajamas festooned with polar bears.

    it is almost 4 in the afternoon.

    You are not alone.

    Wombaticus Rex

  3. Natalie-Have you ever been here?

    Danielle-I’ll wear these, you’ll wear your green paisley and we’ll skip arm and arm through Killer Con! We’ll be blacklisted in SECONDS.

    BT-If you beat me in a writing contest, I’ll take a picture in the pajamas. I know…I’m far too nice to you.

    m&b-Whoa, footsie pajamas are waaaaay more hardcore than mine. So…I guess ya’ll won’t be coming to Killer Con, then. You and your priorities! 😉

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