So I’m On A High.

It occurs to me that a good writing session is like a hot date.  There’s that anticipation.  All day your eyes are flicking to the clock, wondering if it’s almost that time.  Dinner. Baths. Bedtime stories, night nights. And then, finally, it’s here.  You flip on the computer and wait eons for it to boot up.  Find your story.  Open it up.  Scroll down to where you left off.  Pat your hair, think fleetingly, “I wonder if my lipstick is all right?” and then you type your first words of the evening.

It’s magic.

I *should* be finishing up my Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse challenge.  But I can’t…I’m irresistibly drawn to my demon story. I’m sorry, challenge story.  As much as I’m trying to focus on you, my time and attention keeps sliding away to what has become my true obsession.  You’re very sweet, challenge story.  I care for you very much.  But the demon novel and I?  We’re in love.

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  1. Yea! I’m feeling rather elated at this news myself! Come on, Mouth! Tell me all about yourself because I am so in love with you! (Did I say that out loud? *gasp*)

  2. Also, the writing isn’t something best done when the kids are running around and the SO is wanting to talk. Need that alone time with the words. Mmm…

  3. Ah, the honeymoon phase of writing, when the words are all perfect and the characters fascinating! Enjoy it while it lasts, pretty soon it’s all drudgery and arguments. 🙂

  4. Regan: If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. 😛

    Natalie: It’s true. I can’t lie. I’m a literary call girl.

    Alan: Oh, I still like that story very much. This one just has more fire. Rawr!

    littlegirl: I am, baby! Woo! The best part is that I’ve gone back to an old love, my demon novel. I keep putting it aside, and really struggled with it, but suddenly it’s fresh and new. Rekindled the old flame, I’d say.

    Anonymous: I’m telling Ithan! I so know it’s you, Nisa. 😉

    Simon: I finally stopped even trying to write during the day. It has to be after everybody has gone to bed. Sure, I’m exhausted, but it’s just like you said: it doesn’t happen otherwise.

    Cate: I was dragging my feet on this story for a long time, but this new character showed up and saved it, no joke.

    K.C: I’ll call you sobbing when it asks for its sweaters back.

    Aaron: This is why I write. Right here.

    Jeremy: Long live the magic! I’m going to run over and check your post!

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