“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Features Nisa Swineford

Nisa lives in her children’s world of pretend during the day, which she extends into the night time hours by writing fantasy novels, teaching vocal lessons and composing music. She emerges from her daydreams to participate in religious and political activities so she can claim to be well-rounded and because she enjoys them. Her family consists of a super human husband and two without-a-doubt adorable boys. She also loves to travel and has lived in the United States, Germany, Egypt and the Bahamas.

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0 Comments on ““Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Features Nisa Swineford”

  1. Mercedes! I don’t know why I haven’t seen your blog before, but I read the guidelines for the mask thing and it is sheer genius. Please rest assured that I will participate in this one! Great idea, and I’m glad I found you.

  2. Pfft, Nisa. You know the truth! 😉

    Thanks, Anne! I’m so excited that you’re going to participate! There are some super gorgeous pictures that people sent in. 🙂

    So let me tell you a little about Nisa. We were apparently in Nursery together, and then in little girl’s ballet together. (Make any cracks about me in ballet and I’ll cut you.) But we really became friends in, what, the third grade or so? I have lots of incriminating information. LOTS. So I’ll be quiet, because she has some dirt on me.

    And this girl sings opera, which is really awesome! Talented, our Nisa.

  3. Heh! The ballet must have been so traumatizing for me that I’ve blocked it from memory.

    So blushing right now. And yes, I do know the truth. All of it. Fabulous. 😉

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