I Wrote A Song. It Has A Lot Of Clapping.

So does everybody remember how KM Walton challenged me to a NaNoWriMo challenge, and I lost?  For the first time ever?  I owe her a song.  It’s going up Monday.  It’s absolutely terrible. 

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Check back tomorrow for our “Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” series! Not only is he a very, VERY pretty man, but he’s a writer, rocker and a gentleman. Swing by and support him.

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  1. Now, you know I can’t wait for this. Not that I want to gloat or brag about winning or anything – that would make a sore loser. I’m just looking forward to it. In a winner sort of way 🙂

  2. littlegirl: Oh, sheesh. You’re going to be sorely disappointed!

    Natalie: Friday IS sexy!

    K.M.:Yeah, it’s about 15 seconds long. No joke. A songwriter I ain’t, but I always pay off my debts. Enjoy! 😉

    M: Next time, you have to help me. Promise. And don’t forget that you fell first.

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